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I have been working 6 days a week for the past couple months. IT IS STARTING TO SUCK.

An update on my leisure time? Uh, I joined a raiding guild. LOL. I am so cool these days. And to top it off...

Luxotica's Next Top Model -- Cycle Four -- Teaser

Name - Asuka Katsura
Age - Twenty-two
Occupation - Sociology Major
Hometown - Miami, Florida
Role - The Professional One

Asuka is one of the more driven contestants this cycle. However, Asuka feels that she is more of a silent threat in the competition. She knows that personality wise, she isn't going to be the loudest, or the funniest girl there. What she can bring to the competition however is her dedication, and ability to be absolutely ruthless in her self-evaluations, and limitless in her ability to grow. Asuka feels that she can easily dominate the competition once she learns how to model.

"Asuka is definitely a girl with some of the fiercest looks I have ever seen an amateur model give. That excites me. Each season I look for girls who are different than the girls I've seen before, Asuka is full-blooded Japanese, but she has the height for the industry - as well as the drive. I think Asuka is going to surprise a lot of people with how critical and precise of a person she really can be. I think Asuka may rub some girls the wrong way, but she will never let it affect her."

Name - Cammy Jackson
Age - Twenty-three
Occupation - Dental Hygienist
Hometown - St. Paul, Minnesota
Role - The Sarcastic One

While Cammy loves her job, she definitely thinks that modeling would be a more glamorous, if not more lucrative career for herself. She likes to party, and is known for bisexual tendencies - but she has already promised that she isn't attracted to the so-called "airheads" of the Top Model mansion. Cammy thinks that her look is both edgy and commercial - she thinks her face is one that could both launch a cosmetic campaign, and walk the runways of the highest of fashion.

"Cammy is a girl that won't jump out at a lot of people until you get up close, and then it's like -- BAM, Top Model. I think that Cammy sees herself as more intelligent than many of the girls, or at the very least having more depth. Still, she isn't one to make enemies, and most of her comments go right over the other girls' heads. I see Cammy being a girl that is already pretty polished, but also one who needs to learn her angles just a little better."

Name - Cecelia Duke
Age - Twenty-four
Occupation - Bartender
Hometown - Los Angeles, California
Role - The Arrogant One

Cecelia would describe herself as more focused than anyone else you will ever meet, and thus far she has lived up to that declaration. Cecelia knows her drive is a bit off-putting, but she doesn't want to say she left the competition with thirteen best friends and no $100,000 modeling contract. She knows that at twenty-four, she is the oldest girl in the competition, but Cecelia sees that as an advantage, knowing that being a woman - she has more life experience than the others.

"Cecelia Duke is like a force of nature. When I first interviewed her, I was shocked by how focused she was. More than any other girl Cecelia wants to win this competition, and the thing about it is that sometimes -- that drive can actually get a girl cast. Physically, Cecelia's look is a bit harsh - but that could also just be her trying to be fierce all the time. I guarantee if we get her in a beauty shot -- she will definitely come out on top. Guarantee it."

Name - Elle Harris
Age - 22
Occupation - International Relations Major
Hometown - Little Rock, Arkansas
Role - The Motherly One

Elle is educated and serious. She feels that models should be so much more than just walking clothing hangers. Though she if from the south, she doesn't speak with an accent, and isn't really what one would consider southern. The other girls in the house look up to Elle, as she is stunning, but she has also overcome a lot in life - and come through it with a more positive outlook. Elle doesn't think the competition needs to get dirty, but she knows eventually it will be more cunning.

"I have yet to see a bad photo of Elle, and that is very, very impressive - especially this early in the game. I truly feel Elle is a girl that is aware of how much potential she has, and that she is probably also a girl who has practiced her poses in the mirror many nights. Elle to me can be edgy and beautiful - I can't wait to see what we can do with her after a make-over, her look right now limits her - and she definitely has what it takes to be a more versatile model."

Name - Helena Lenaghan
Age - Nineteen
Occupation - Greeter at Guitar Center
Hometown - Augusta, Maine
Role - The Goofy One

Helena wants more than anything to get out of Maine, and since she doesn't want to do that through hard work and studying, she figures she'd better just exploit what God gave her and become a Top Model. She doesn't like girly-girls, and has a very immature sense of humor. She's often been accused of acting more masculine than feminine, but it doesn't bother her at all. Helena thinks that everyone should settle down and try to have a little fun - they are just modeling after all.

"Helena is breathtakingly beautiful, but in person - she comes across as unpolished, and well - a little tomboyish. That's okay, the fashion industry loves gender-neutral, but this girl is my diamond in the rough. Her face is made for beauty, and her eyes are very powerful when photographed. She seems to want to do the more edgy shots, but honestly, she is just as suited for the commercial and the more glamorous side of the industry as well."

Name - Juliana Barrini
Age - Twenty
Occupation - Volleyball Coach
Hometown - Austin, Texas
Role - The Fiery One

Juliana feels like she should already be walking the catwalks of Europe next to all the Top Models already. She knows that her look is very sought after, and she just thinks that this is her time to shine. Juliana doesn't see the other girls as competition because she doesn't think that their faces are as pretty as hers is. She works on her body relentlessly, and knows that once she gets inside the Top Model mansion, she will quickly dominate - and show the other girls what a true model is.

"Juliana is one of the most stunning girls you will ever meet -- in person. Photographically, she still needs to understand who she is in front of the camera. Once she learns that, I really believe that she could walk the runways of Europe, and I also think that she has a personality that the fashion community would just love. She is very deliberate, and tremendously self-assured. While this may not win her the most friends, it will certainly set her apart from the competition."

Name - Kara Lemon
Age - 18
Occupation - Women's Studies Major
Hometown - Des Moines, Iowa
Role - The Brainy One

Kara has been told all of her life that she should try modeling, the only problem is - she isn't sure if she really wants to be a model in the first place! Having entered university earlier in the year, she isn't sure where she stands on modeling as a feminist, though she figures there isn't a better place to figure that opinion out than on Luxotica's Next Top Model. Her mother has always told her she looks like a cat, though she prefers to say that her look is just simply more exotic than others.

"Kara's application was amazing. She was very well spoken, but the thing that almost kept me from casting her was that I couldn't feel her drive. She has everything a girl needs to succeed in the industry, but if a girl doesn't want to model - you can't force her. But I think she does want to model, or else why would she apply in the first place? Kara needs to show me that she wants it, or she will be cut."

Name - Lynn Bui
Age - Eighteen
Occupation - Geneticist's Assistant
Hometown - San Francisco, California
Role - The Shy One

Lynn's family pushed her very hard early in life and because of this - Lynn is an eighteen year old with only one year left on her degree in Microbiology. Knowing that at eighteen, she has plenty of time to become a world famous geneticist, Lynn enters the competition against her parent’s wishes, putting her last year of college on hold - hoping that she can come out of her shell a little bit in the Top Model household. Lynn is shy by nature, but is really hoping to make friends with everyone.

"When Lynn walked into the semi-finals -- I was almost shocked she had gotten as far as she had. Then she came out in her bikini with her hair clipped back, and I really could see her as a top model. Lynn has a story too, and the Top Models all have impressive backgrounds. I truly think Lynn sees this as an opportunity to reinvent herself, and honestly - I want to give her that opportunity. Lynn sees herself as tall and awkward -- I see her as exotic and very fashion now."

Name - Maura Bines
Age - Nineteen
Occupation - Cocktail Waitress
Hometown - Atlantic City, New Jersey
Role - The Hard One

Maura has known from the second she saw Top Model on television that she was going to win it one day. Not wanting to serve burgers forever, she decided that season four would be her best opportunity and when auditions came to Atlantic City - she just had to go. After impressing the regional judges, Maura was hand-picked by Jillian Io to compete. Maura knows that while she may not be the prettiest, she definitely has the attitude a Top Model needs to be a success.

"After seeing her audition from the regionals, I knew that Maura's look and personality would make her one of the most popular contestants ever. She has something that is very unique, but also something that is very guarded. I think people will be able to relate with her struggles, and also she definitely knows how to entertain a room. I think she may stir up some trouble in the house, but that is good. She is confident, and she doesn't make an effort to hide her opinions. I like that."

Name - Regine Uland
Age - 20
Occupation - Wardrobe Supervisors Assistant
Hometown - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Role - The Edgy One

Regine works in the industry already, and it has always angered her that she hasn't ever been asked to step out from behind the camera - and pose in front of it. She knows exactly what both photographers and designers want, but she isn't sure her personal style is mainstream enough for fashion. Though she loves her edgy hair, Regine knows that if she makes it to the make-over - she will definitely have to part with the purple.

"Regine is one of those girls that some people wonder if she really can be a model. I think she can, obviously, or I wouldn't have cast her. Her look is a bit... unconventional for the industry, but I can see through that. She connects with the camera, and I think she could really prove herself to be one of the front-runners -- if she allows herself to take constructive criticism."

Name - Skye Knight
Age - Twenty-one
Occupation - Assistant Manager of a small clothing store
Hometown - Chicago, Illinois
Role - The Loud One

Skye's parents were both late-bloomers in the hippy movement, and much of Skye's childhood was spent on a commune in northern Oregon. Having just re-entered what she calls normal society less than five years ago, Skye has since found herself both loving, and hating the world she now calls home. Being a lesbian, out and proud, Skye isn't sure where she sees herself in the competition, though she genuinely enjoys all of the girls around her -- even the ones that put their guards up.

"Skye is fascinating because without ever really having been introduced into fashion until she was halfway through high school, she still looks like she's been modeling for years. Skye is also very endearing when you talk to her, because she comes from a perspective that is so different. I think Skye needs a serious makeover, though if she succeeds - she will be known for her story, her looks, and most importantly -- Skye Knight? That name is instantly memorable."

Name - Sonia Dent
Age - Nineteen
Occupation - Waitress
Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio
Role - The Crazy One

Sonia feels as though she is one of the most likeable people she has ever come across. Generally, she doesn't have a lot of negative things to say about anyone. She loves to party, and she loves being the center of attention. Though she is viewed by many as crazy, she is also fiercely loyal - and would do anything for her friends. Sonia knows that her personality is a bit unpolished, but she also knows that given the opportunity - she could do really well in the modeling industry.

"When I called to let Sonia know that she had been cast for this cycle of Top Model, she seemed genuinely surprised. That was probably my favorite reaction that I experienced this season. Sonia is this crazy girl who really needs to learn to rein it in a bit, but look at those photos -- she is easily one of the more photogenic girls, not to mention that she appears so elegant in front of the camera. When I think of Sonia, I think of luxury. She just makes things look more expensive."

Name - Tessa Glade
Age - Eighteen
Occupation - Lifeguard
Hometown - San Diego, California
Role - The Fun One

Theresa, or Tessa as she likes to be known, has wanted to be a model ever since she saw Jasmine win on the first cycle of Top Model. She hadn't been able to apply for the show until she turned eighteen, and now that she is - she is thrilled to have been cast for the show. Known for her surfing skills as much as for her beauty, Tessa already knows that she is going to miss the beach more than anything else once she gets inside that house.

"Tessa is pretty, but she isn't so pretty that she can't be a model. When I saw Tessa's audition tape, the first thing I noticed was her killer bod, and her bleach blonde beach hair. She is the epitome of a California girl, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Girls like Tessa will always work in fashion, but luckily for Tessa - I am convinced that she is so much more than just another hot surfer chick. With the right coaching, I am positive that Tessa could be a true contender in this."

Name - Topaz French
Age - 20
Occupation - College Student - Undecided
Hometown - Phoenix, Arizona
Role - The Sensitive One

Topaz has just begun to recently grow into her beauty, as before she always considered herself a little lanky and odd-looking. However, after placing first in an 'Arizona's Next Top Model' radio competition, she decided that she would take that opportunity to audition in front of the judges and from there she found herself in the top fourteen. Topaz isn't very competitive and she genuinely feels that if she is meant to win, then she will win. Until then, she will enjoy the ride.

"Topaz is one of the most unique looking girls this cycle. When she told me of her Native-American heritage and how proud she was of it - it made me look twice at her. She represents a beauty that is under-represented in the industry. It isn't just her race that makes her special, clearly she has everything it takes to be a runway model - photographically, I think after a makeover we may be able to open her up to become a more versatile model. She's very sweet, and that is refreshing."

And don't expect an episode to go by without random tasteless interjections. Because we are just that cool. :)

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